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Here you will find resources to support introducing iPad to young children.

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Time for a Tail

Introducing iPad in the classroom or playroom requires some careful planning. Helping children to understand their rights and responsibilities when it comes to digital devices creates a solid foundation for skills that will last a lifetime. Start the journey with your learners using this fun and interactive story. Children learn with Oakley how to look after the iPad (and why it doesn’t make a good frisbee!)

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What next?

Once you have introduced iPad to your learners it’s time to get started! We’ve created six ‘grab and go’ activities you can try in your class or playroom, complete with video walkthroughs and go further ideas. Find out more about Grab and Go or click here to download all activities.

Paws for Thought

In the story, Oakley learns some important things about how to look after the iPad. Click here to download the posters– perfect for displaying in your classroom or playroom! More posters will be added as Oakley’s learning grows!

Time for Another Tail!

Now that your children are familiar with their iPads, it is a good time to introduce some important ideas about keeping devices and content safe. This next story explores how passcodes and fingerprints can help.

Check out some pages or  click here to view the whole story