Google Drive is the storage service for all your files and folders. Using this effectively can be a great way to stay organised and on top of any material you are collaborating on. Here are a few tips to help you along the way

Keep your files in drive

With Google there is no need to email yourself attachments to prepare for a class or a meeting. You can use Google Drive directly to upload files or folders that you wish to use, or create the content directly on Google Drive.  

Simply click on the “New” icon to the left of Google drive and select “File upload” or “Folder upload” to import something from your local computer. You can also create new folders from this option, perhaps splitting your folders by year or class to stay organised.

If you have been sent an attachment and you wish to add this to your drive, hover over your attachment in the email and click on the “Add to Drive” option. This will indicate that it is “added to My Drive”. Once it has been added you can then hover over the attachment again and click on “Organise in Drive” to move to the desired location.

Colour Coordinate your folders

Colouring your folders can be a good way to have important folders or ones that you use regularly stand out. To do this right click on the folder in your My Drive, and select “Change colour”. Now you should be able to find your folder fast. 

Finding follow ups in drive

Collaborating on files is at the heart of Google Drive, with comments and assigning tasks being a key way to do this. It can be easy to lose track of these follow ups if you have a lot to manage. Fortunately Google Drive allows you to search for actions that have been assigned to you across all files. 

To do this open drive and locate the search bar at the top of the page and type followup:actionitems.

This will then display any files that you have actions on with a circular number next to it. Click on the circular number and it will take you to your action within that file. 

To quickly view these on a daily basis why not try saving the following address to your bookmarks: