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Please read below if you have not yet accessed your @midlothian.education account.  The steps below details exactly how to access your email.  If you have followed these and still cannot access your account, please speak to your Digital Leader in the first instance.

Accessing your new email account

Username:  your email address matches your old @mgfl.net email, e.g. e.mckay@mgfl.net is now e.mckay@midlothian.education.  If you have a number in your mgfl account this will also be matched.
Password: If you have changed your password to the new 15 character limit, your password is the same.  If not, or if you find the password does not work, please follow the below instructions:

  • Reset your MGFL password to activate your new midlothian.education account.  This is easiest on an education laptop/PC using CTRL+ALT+DEL.
  • If on a personal device or Chromebook, follow this guide.

Logging in to your emails

  • Open Google Chrome (make sure you are completely signed out of Glow)
  • Go to https://mail.google.com 
  • Sign in using your midlothian.education email address and the 15 character password
  • You will now be signed in

2 Factor Authentication

This is not currently enforced and you do not have to sign up to this to access your account at present – you will have the option to skip this step.

Accessing other Google Tools

  • Use the 9 tiles that appear when signed into Gmail to access other tools such as Drive or Classroom
  • Chat is available within the Gmail main screen – you may have a Space setup for your school already to join


  • If you still use Glow for accessing materials in your Google Drive or Classroom, use a different browser, such as Edge or Firefox to access this moving forward.  Keep Chrome clear for all new Google tasks.
  • We are working on a desktop shortcut for emails at present.  Unfortunately this is not yet ready, so please use the directions below to access your emails in the interim.

Professional learning

A refresher session on Gmail, Chat and Calendar is on Wednesday 22nd September at 4pm. Please use this link to register for the session.

Please speak to your Digital Leader if you have any questions/concerns or email the Digital Inclusion and Learning Team via digital.learning@midlothian.education.