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On Monday 16th August we will be launching a new Google Classroom environment for all teachers as part of the change to our new Google Workspace. 

The new instance of Google Classroom, “@midlothian.education”, should be utilised by teachers to develop new courses and learning material, with the old GLOW instance being used to access historic Classrooms. This period of coexistence will be required until we completely migrate the old GLOW Classrooms to the new environment on 18th October.

  • 16th August – New Classrooms launched (Teachers to use this as much as possible)
  • 16th August to 18th October – Coexistence (“@midlothian.education” and “GLOW”)
  • 18th October – Teachers to only use “@midlothian.education” Classrooms (GLOW Classrooms fully migrated to “@midlothian.education”).

What happens next?

We appreciate the challenges that this will bring, so we encourage you to use the new Google Classroom environment as much as possible. To make this easier we will:

  • Invite you to the new Google Classrooms, please accept or decline the invitation based on whether or not it is a class you require in your new Google Classroom view. 
  • Follow these steps which detail how to reset your password in mail.mgfl.net. This will ensure that your passwords across your old and new accounts are synced and you are able to access your new ‘@midlothian.education’ Workspace account using the same password.
  • Aim to add your “@midlothian.education” account to the GLOW classrooms before October 18th so that you can make use of the ‘Reuse post’ for important announcements, assignments, or questions from a class.
  • If you need to use any material from the GLOW environment before this date then please access your GLOW account via the process that will be shown in training. There is also support material available here.

From 16th August you will notice that you will also have access to Gmail, however please continue to use your MGFL email address until 20th September when the mail migration will be complete.


Thank you for your patience during this time of transition. We will be providing communication later in the week on our support and feedback channels. If you feel you need support or would like to give feedback please do so via the methods detailed in that communication.