Key Points and Guidelines

  1. Young people and parent/carers are responsible for the safekeeping and security of the loaned device.
  2. Young people will be supported by school staff and the Midlothian Digital Inclusion & Learning Team to learn to access the internet, charge and keep the device safe. Additional help guides can be found on the Equipped for Learning website.
  3. Young people should follow instructions and guidance from school staff on the use of any device in school.
  4. Devices should, as far as possible, be brought to school each day fully charged and ready to be used for learning.
  5. All activity on the device is actively monitored by Midlothian Council’s Digital Inclusion & Learning Team and by senior school staff.
  6. If a young person comes across distressing or illegal material or behaviour when online they should report this to their teacher or their parent/carer immediately.
  7. Young people should be mindful at all times that the content they access is appropriate for educational purposes and that their communications online are respectful.
  8. Midlothian Council are providing a range of additional learning tools which require parent/carer consent. Your consent will be collected within the acknowledgement online form.
  9. Parent/carers or young people should not attempt to fix a device, replace or remote parts from a device.
  10. Where a device is not working, lost, damaged or stolen this should be immediately reported to the school.
  11. Where a device has been damaged, lost or stolen Midlothian Council is not obliged to provide a replacement device.

Midlothian Council wish to provide a range of additional learning tools which require parent/carer consent. These tools are outlined below and in the Education Service’s Privacy Notice.


Additional Google Services

Midlothian Council use Google Workspace as a primary productivity platform and provide a range of Core Services to support the delivery of education, such as Gmail, Google Classroom and Google Drive. No advertisements are shown within Core Services, and no data from Core Services is used for advertising purposes.


To enhance the experience within Google Workspace, Additional Services are offered. These Additional Services may show advertisements but Google does not use any user personal information (or any information associated with a Google Account) to target advertisements.


The Additional Services Midlothian Council provide are:

  • Chrome Web Store – Browse and install approved Google Chrome extensions and applications.
  • Google Earth – Explore the world from your browser
  • Google Maps – View maps and directions
  • Google Play – Access limited, approved applications from the Google Play Store to install on a Chromebook device.
  • Youtube – Watch educational content via a restricted version of Youtube which removes comments and suggested videos.