What has changed?

If your child uses Google Classroom to access learning, their login has changed.  This log in will stay with them until they leave school.

How does my child access their school work without Glow?
  • If your child’s school uses Google Classroom, visit classroom.google.com and your child should login with their @midlothian.education account.  They do not need to go to Glow to access Classroom anymore.
  • If your child’s school uses Microsoft Teams, continue to go to Glow using their existing login credentials and access Microsoft Teams as you have been doing previously.
  • If your child’s school uses Seesaw, nothing has changed and you should continue to access learning in the same way as you have been doing previously.
Where do I go to get support?
  • Use the support page on this site to access specific support relating to resources your child uses in school
  • Contact your school for specific support relating to work your child has been provided
  • Contact digital.learning@midlothian.education if you still have unanswered questions
Who do I contact if I have specific questions unanswered on this website?
  • Contact your child’s school in the first instance
  • If your question is still unanswered, email digital.learning@midlothian.education
What is Google Workspace?
  • Google Workspace for Education is a set of Google tools and services that are tailored for schools, e.g. Google Classroom, Google Drive and Google Docs. In Midlothian we are utilising the Google Workspace for Education Plus licensing.

For details about each edition, go to Google Workspace for Education overview.

My child has been using Teams in their school, what has changed for them?

Your child will continue to access Teams through Glow as they did previously.  If your child is using a Midlothian Chromebook to access Glow and Teams, they will be issued with their new login credentials to login to the device and should then login to Glow.

My child’s school uses Seesaw, has anything changed? What do I need to know?

Nothing has changed for Seesaw users.  Continue to access learning as you did previously.