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With the recent introduction of our new Google Classroom environment we have taken a step towards further removing barriers to learning.

Texthelp’s Read&Write Toolbar, which provides reading and writing support to pupils and staff, fully integrates with our “@midlothian.education” environment and helps to meet our accessibility requirements by providing access to the following tools:

  • Texthelp’s Read&Write toolbar
    • This is available on your “@midlothian.education” account when you or your pupils log into Chrome.
  • NEW:  Texthelp’s OrbitDoc PDF Accessibility tool
    • This makes all PDF documents accessible, providing dictionary support and annotation tools.

These tools are Chrome extensions and once you or your pupils have logged in with your “@midlothian.education” credentials they can be used on websites and any of the common file types accessed through Google Drive (Docs, Sheets, Slides, PDF’s etc).

If you have any questions relating to using Texthelp Read&Write or OrbitDoc please reach out to your Digital Leader or contact the Digital Inclusion and Learning Team via digital.learning@midlothian.education.